contemporary artist

For a long time, he has turned commonplace landscapes, such as cityscapes and scenes of people, into works with his unique sensibility and expression techniques. It is interesting that the screen composition has become more abstract, through 3 years of solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, Tokyo, and Paris.
He says, “It is difficult to convey to the viewer the beauty that I feel in this world as it is. I feel that it is necessary to extract only the essence of such beauty and express it.” So, when I compare my recent works with my previous works, I can sense the same sense of color and beauty of composition from a distance, but I don’t know how to concretely express it on screen. It seems quite different.
However, even with this abstract approach, his way of looking at things has not changed at all. It expresses a gentle gaze that affirms the world. The world is full of beauty.


2025.04 Tokyo Solo Exhibition / The Ueno Royal Museum
2024.06 Basel VOLTA Basel 2024 /Klybeck 610
2024.05 NewYork Group Exhibition "BREAKTHROUGH" / One Art Space Gallery
2023.10 Paris Art Shopping Paris 2023 / Le Carrousel Du Louvre Paris
2023.01 Web Artsy
2022.10 Paris Solo Exhibition / Galerie Etienne de Causan
2022.05 Tokyo Artists across the sea / The Ueno Royal Museum
2022.04 Singapore National Museum of Singapore Exhibition / Singapore Art Museum
2022.03 Dubai Nissan “Infiniti cars 50th anniversary” Art Exhibition / INFINITI SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD CENTRES DUBAI
2021.04 Singapore Solo Exhibition / The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
2021.04 Tokyo Solo Exhibition / Japanese Restaurant Gato
2019.10 Paris Art Shopping Paris 2019 / Le Carrousel Du Louvre Paris