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2022.10.18-24 Solo Exhibition / Galerie Etienne de Causan

A solo exhibition was held at the Etienne de Causin Gallery in Paris from October 20th (Friday) to October 22nd (Monday), 2023. Approximately 20 new and old works will be exhibited, representing the culmination of the last three years of art activities. The art fans who visit the gallery range from students to senior citizens, and the atmosphere is easy to wander into when the works that interest you are on display, and I enjoyed communicating with the visitors with the help of an interpreter.

at the entrance
Etienne de Cauzan Gallery on Rue Seine
Works of various sizes spanning two rooms
“Tokyo”, a masterpiece over 2 meters long
Vernissage scene
Early masterpiece “In the Underpass”
Works with flower motifs

A message from gallery owner and gallerist Etienne de Causin XII. “I was completely captivated by its beauty, which shows exquisite finishing and transcends reality.The colors are sometimes delicate, and sometimes very vivid.The sophisticated city and natural scenery transport me to a poetic world.” I was particularly drawn to the work “Seabirds on the Iron Fence,” which depicts seagulls standing on an overpass by the sea. I think this is an excellent piece of work that was created using Takashi Wakamatsu’s unique technique of combining analog and digital. ”

A conversation was held with cultural journalist/columnist Odile Lefranc. “He tells us that beautiful memories and private landscapes seen in dreams exist in the real world. All of this must be because he has a perfect grasp of color and light.” I received a message.

2022.10.18-24 個展/エチエンヌ・ドゥ・コーザン・ギャラリー